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Inspired Leadership: Phillip Shero

Phillip Shero first put his lifelong passion for developing leaders to use by building and launching LivingStone International University in Uganda—an institution dedicated to transforming Africa by creating the next generation of leaders in a challenging environment. Shero returned to the United States and settled in Fort Worth, Texas, where he has helped companies achieve their goals through use of diagnostic tools, executive coaching, leadership development, and inspiring belief in and commitment to a compelling vision of transformation. He is known for an engaged and proactive brand of servant leadership, characterized by:

  • Aligning mission, resources, people, and processes
  • Empowering team members to own their work and lead others
  • Mentoring and coaching team members to overcome perceived limitations
  • Listening to the collective wisdom of the team to analyze and solve complex problems
  • Relentless positivism through challenges and setbacks to achieve goals

He holds a Ph.D. in organizational leadership from Regent University and a master’s degree in theology from Texas Christian University.