NCSA Conference 2017 – Breakout Session

Lean Into the Storm: Leading with Courage through Conflict

You can build a conflict-resilient culture in your organization.


Join us for an informative, interactive executive session on Friday morning of the conference about navigating through conflict.
Dr. Shero will reveal the conditions that keep organizations locked in a cycle of unproductive conflict.


After reviewing the 7 Relational Dynamics, 5 Structural Inhibitors, and 3 Interpersonal Blockers that perpetuate these cycles, participants will explore acts of courage that empower leaders to successfully navigate conflict at work.

These acts of courage lay the foundation for developing healthy organizational cultures that are conflict-resilient.


Event Details:

The Annual Conference of the National Christian School Association,  March 8-10, 2017

Location: Marriott Resort at Champions Circle, Fort Worth Texas

Event Time: Breakout Session on Friday, March 10, 2017 at 9:10am – 10:10am (in Trinity 1)

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