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Dr. Phillip Shero

Learning to listen has made me a better speaker, and applying that skill helps me connect with my audiences on a deeper level.

I truly love my audience—not their applause or their praise (though that feels good), but the people themselves. That means I put myself in their shoes before I ever step onto the stage, doing the deep work that is required so that they can truly hear what they need to hear.

My speeches give people courage to look at themselves honestly, but without condemnation, and find the inner resources to become the leaders they were made to be. I speak the truth about myself, about leadership, about challenges and change.

My experiences in equatorial Africa, as well as corporate boardrooms, make my talks and illustrations unique, engaging, and memorable. People have come up to me to share a memory of a speech I gave 10 or 20 years ago and how it impacted their lives.

If you want a speaker who will help your group to bridge leadership and life, call me. When you do, I’ll listen to what you hope to achieve and give you information that lets you decide if I’m the right fit for your event.

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Phillip Shero first put his lifelong passion for developing leaders to use by building and launching LivingStone International University in Uganda—an institution dedicated to transforming Africa by creating the next generation of leaders in a challenging environment. Shero returned to the United States and settled in Fort Worth, Texas, where he has helped companies achieve their goals through use of diagnostic tools, executive coaching, leadership development, and inspiring belief in and commitment to a compelling vision of transformation.

Shero holds a Ph.D. in organizational leadership from Regent University and a master’s degree in theology from Texas Christian University.

From intimate luncheons to conferences of thousands, Shero brings his unique experiences and passion for growing leaders to speaking engagements around the world.


Dr. Phillip Shero speaking at the Petroleum Club
in the Bridge to Excellence inaugural event,
February 22, 2018.

Dr. Phillip Shero speaking at
Leadercast Live in Richardson, TX.

Dr. Phillip Shero speaking at
Leadercast Live in Richardson, TX.


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