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Navigating Change at Work

Successfully navigating change requires taking a good, hard look at your values—first and foremost. For generations, conventional organizations could approach change like a sailor approached the sea: though sailors could not control the elements, they could predict the elements within reason and grow skilled in channeling them. Consequently, almost all change could still be managed and controlled. But…
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Organizational Culture Defines Engagement

Dr. MaryJo Burchard works in the East Coast office of MasterMinds Leadership to help leaders clarify and focus on what's most important to them, optimizing their personal and professional effectiveness through data-driven coaching and training. “The greatest gift we can give to others is genuine care and connection,” said Burchard. As an integral part of the MasterMinds…
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The #1 Source of SEVERE Workplace Stress

What stresses your people more than anything else? It’s not only the cause of higher general stress, but it’s also the area where more employees ranked their workplace stress as severe.[spacer]   Yeah, I already knew that. If you have been in any leadership role, the number one source of severe employee stress won’t surprise…
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Is There a Pattern to Leadership Stress?

Leaders have a different stress pattern than employees, and that probably won’t change without intentional effort. Stress Quotient is a TTI diagnostic tool we use for revealing stressors in your workplace. After assessing a recent group, our data showed an intriguing pattern of stress unique to leaders.[spacer] Register Here to attend and get your personalized…
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MasterMinds Expands to East Coast

MasterMinds Leadership is proud to announce the opening of our East Coast office in Virginia Beach, Virginia! We welcome our newest team member, Dr. MaryJo Burchard, the Vice President of Strategic Leadership, who oversees our services on the East Coast. Dr. Burchard works to help leaders clarify and focus on what's most important to them,…
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How to Win the Leadership Confidence Battle

Confidence is not a quality that you gain once and keep forever. If you are growing as a leader, then confidence challenges will keep coming back. There is a subtle lie that says: once you’re a leader, you are supposed to be confident all the time. People expect it on the outside, and so I…
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