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Enough is Enough: Part 2

“Having enough time” begins with knowing when to say when In Part 2 of our time and priority management discussion, we continue to explore the challenge that the real issue when we don’t have enough time is the problem of unrealistic expectations. Last week, Part 1 unpacked the unrealistic expectations related to our boundaries with…
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Enough is Enough: Part 1

“Having enough time” begins with knowing when to say when “I don’t have enough time to get everything done!” As someone who has taught in universities, supervised teams, organized events, and parented a teenager, I have heard this too many times to count. Full disclosure, I have used those words myself. But “not enough time”…
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Believe in Your Team

Employee Development & Coaching I want to share a few things that I've learned about employee development and coaching. We teach some skills to help others develop the competency of coaching other people. There are some skills and techniques to it, because it's not about giving advice, it's about drawing out of the other person.…
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Customer Focus is All About the Shoes

A wealthy American tourist was walking through an open-air market in East Africa. He stopped at a fruit stand where a woman was selling bunches of bananas. He asked her, “How much is one bunch of bananas?” Upon learning the price, he asked, “How much if I buy all your bananas?” The woman smiled and…
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Be a Helper: Why We Need Diplomacy When Things Get Ugly

By: Dr. MaryJo Burchard Just a few days ago, the unthinkable happened in my community. My city – one of the safest cities in the U.S. – experienced a tragedy beyond imagination, and we are all still reeling from it. Having worked at the City of Virginia Beach for four years, I knew people involved.…
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Conflict Management – Engaging with Eyes, Ears, & Brain

Conflict management is one of 25 competencies, or soft skills, required for exercising leadership. In our three-part competency framework of Doing, Thinking, and Being, conflict management falls into the Doing dimension. It's a skill that can be learned, and there are common principles and best practices that can and should be applied for those who…
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