Dedication or Obsession?

High-Octane Leaders, Beware By: Dr. MaryJo Burchard Movie icon Rocky Balboa once said, “Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up.” Have you ever watched a single-minded person move forward with such steadiness that the momentum seemed ...
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Right here, right now: Mindfulness in the life of a leader

By: Dr. MaryJo Burchard In a quiet office, I nervously sat staring at a computer monitor, waiting for the notification that the conference call was ringing me into a video job interview. I was one of two finalists, and I ...
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Face-off: The Truth about Authenticity

By: Dr. MaryJo Burchard Organizations claim to value authenticity, but if we don’t understand what authenticity really is, it can seem like an unrealistic expectation or the quickest way to help your naysayers shoot you where you’re most vulnerable. Yet ...
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