Job Benchmarking

The MasterMinds Leadership job benchmarking program helps leaders elevate the job over their own biases.

MasterMinds Leadership offers extensive job benchmarking programs to create a set of rules that are defined, clear, and known. By applying rigor to the criteria by which personnel decisions are made, benchmarking gives you documented data to support your decision.

Did you know that 80% of employee turnover is due to bad hires? The cost of a bad hire can be as high as 5x the salary. Click below to enter your hiring costs into our calculator and find out how much it would cost you in a specific situation:

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  • revealing the rules of the game to anyone vested in the decision;
  • mitigating against destructive cognitive bias in personnel decisions;
  • allowing selectees to bring value to the position on day one;
  • identifying and documenting the skills, abilities, and competencies (Key Accountabilities – KAs) a position requires; and
  • enabling employees lacking specific KAs to know what they need to develop so they and the organization can grow.
The MasterMinds Leadership job benchmarking program consists of a simple 4-step process using a set of scientifically-proven assessment tools and subject matter experts to break down the job’s essential KAs into their clearest form. With a custom job report and employee profile, hiring officials can inform stakeholders using a set of selection criteria based on objective requirements, versus assumptions that might be dated or even false.

  1. STRATEGY – In an executive strategy session, we work closely with you to identify the Job and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) within your organization.
  2. KEY ACCOUNTABILITIES (KA) – We convene again to develop, define, prioritize, and weigh 3 – 5 comprehensive Key Accountabilities for the position.
  3. ASSESSMENT – We meet to review the SME’s findings and identify candidates for assessment.
  4. RESULTS – We work with you on interviewing and comparing candidates to the Job Benchmark. Then we provide a complete coaching report on your final choice.

As leaders of our organizations, we believe we know what we want. We believe we have the foresight of hindsight, the judgment about who we need to hire, fire, and promote. But how do we back up our decisions?

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