Management Coaching

Elevate your growth potential through leveraging your most valuable resource.

Middle management has perhaps the single most important and influential role in any organization. Having to build relationships up, down, and all around, success in this role is measured on the ability to generate a strong sphere of influence.

MasterMinds Leadership Management Coaching Program brings clarity to this growth opportunity by utilizing diagnostic tools, performance workshops, and coaching options. We work closely with your team to strengthen your organization’s middle management.

Emphasizing the need for collaborative processes, leadership skills, and flexible styles in today’s diverse and complex business environment, our goal at MasterMinds Leadership is to develop durable solutions that fit your needs and to work alongside your team to implement and ignite growth at all levels.

The Management Coaching Program - "Sphere of Influence"

A leader’s ability to implement change, improve communications, develop shared responsibility, and discover and retain top talent is a RESULT of a strong sphere of influence. Influence can rally others around change, reduce resistance amongst team members, guide and empower teams, access resources, develop shared goals, and encourage teamwork beyond functional boundaries.

Our Management Coaching Program focuses on four primary accountabilities of a manager to provide companies with a practical way to leverage a leader’s influence and maximize their most valuable resources.

Sphere of Influence Info

Talent Selection

Recruit and select candidates with the highest potential for success on projects, tasks, and/or objectives.

  • Focus on excellence by understanding what differentiates high performers in each role.
  • Create a recruiting strategy based on your company’s value proposition.
  • Understand the importance of attracting and embracing more top-level individuals.
  • Assess and select candidates for high performance and the right fit for your workgroup and culture.
Employee Engagement

Create a working environment in which others are involved in, committed to, and enthusiastic about their work and the organization as a whole.

  • Measure engagement using appropriate and scientifically-backed metrics.
  • Embed an engagement focus in the values, strategy, and culture of the team and organization.
  • Connect engagement goals to business objectives.
  • Create links using DISC profiles to facilitate individual growth and development.
  • Build a routine in individual, team, and organization-wide conversations about engagement.

Performance Management

Help others meet and exceed the outcomes that the organization expects them to achieve.

  • Provide a clearly defined role and performance expectations.
  • Create specific performance measurements and conduct regular reviews.
  • Provide effective (individual and team) feedback by scheduling regular conversations.
  • Align expectations and measures with the organization’s goals and strategy.
  • Translate the organization’s priorities and direction to create focus for individuals and teams.

Support others in gaining the knowledge, skills, and experiences needed to develop themselves and achieve proficiency/excellence in their roles.

  • Identify each person’s competencies to build awareness and appreciation of differences.
  • Onboard new team members to understand and follow company’s vision and strategy.
  • Provide role training to develop proficiency in meeting expectations.
  • Offer continuing education opportunities to progress team members from role proficiency to excellence.
  • Help others advance into new roles and responsibilities best suited for them.

We also offer Executive Coaching Services.