Recruiting Leaders

Masterminds Leadership Guides Fort Worth Christian School in Recruiting the Right Leaders

When Kelly Moore was president of Fort Worth Christian School (FWC), he suddenly found himself with three vacant principal positions at the same time—a difficult spot for any administrator. Luckily, he knew whom to call: his friend and colleague Phillip Shero, who could perform screening that would help Moore choose the right candidates.

Shero guided the process of understanding the leadership styles of each candidate, and how each would be likely to react in a range of scenarios. “Phillip is very professional in what he does,” said Moore. “We began by setting standards for our specific position in our specific organization, and used that as a chart to see if each candidate matched up with what we perceived to be our needs. The process helped us develop a clear understanding of what each candidate might bring to the table, positively or negatively. We found a defining point between two real quality people in making a single selection. We had a list of very qualified candidates, and Dr. Shero’s process gave us great clarity on which one would best fit our culture and needs.”

With the new principals in place, Shero returned to FWC to facilitate onboarding sessions and leadership team workshops, to integrate the new principals into the leadership team. “We could bring his data analysis to the table to build a more cohesive group as we worked together,” said Moore. “That helped improve the culture of our organization.”

Moore has moved on to a new position as president of the National Christian Schools Association, but he said he would call on Shero again if the need arose. “If someone were to ask me if the effort were worth our time and money, the answer is absolutely yes,” he said. “Phillip helped guide us in seeing things that you normally don’t look at when you’re making employment decisions.”