Strategic Planning Success

New school in Lake Como benefits from a strategic plan with MasterMinds Leadership

Randy Brown knew he would need enlightened assistance when he took on the challenge of founding Rivertree Academy, a private school for under-resourced youth in the Lake Como community of Fort Worth. He heard from members of the church he attends that Phillip Shero had been instrumental in founding a university in Uganda, so he contacted him and asked him to take a leadership role in his new school.

“Phillip said no to the position, but said he would come in and help us lay the groundwork for the school,” said Brown. “He worked through the basics of how to put together a strategy and a plan. He did some team building with us, and some testing of our employees to ensure a good fit. He’s very knowledgeable and knows what he’s doing.”

strategic plan rivertree

Shero has stayed involved with Rivertree Academy since its opening last year by helping to equip the leadership team for the school. He continued to work with the team on their strategic plan, even making presentations to the board of directors.

“Phillip does a good job helping us figure out what we’re trying to do and how we’re going to get there,” said Brown. “He lets us figure it out, and then works with us to form a plan.”

With its first year completed and its second year underway, Rivertree continues to evolve. “We had a good first year and had to make some transitions, and Phillip has been with us for quite a bit of this,” said Brown. “I’ve been very thankful for Phillip’s help and very impressed with the work he has done.”

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