Team Assessments

I’m not sure if I have the right team.

Organizational stressors can be positive (rapid growth) or negative (stalled growth). When organizations are faced with new challenges, leaders often question whether they have the right team in place to break through to the next level.


How do you get to the right answers for your business?

If you stay in leadership long enough, you will either build or re-build a team. We build teams every day, and we can equip you to make intelligent decisions around your most important people. You can leverage our expertise and proven approach to build or re-build your team. (For a full explanation of how we build a new leadership team from scratch, get our eBook.)

Team Analysis: We begin with the Science of Self™, using industry-leading tools to reveal the capacity and diversity of your current team. You get an accurate, in-depth perspective on your team’s leadership styles, motivations, interpersonal skills, and business acumen. With better data, we can help you diagnose and predict problems, identify what your team is missing, and align team roles with their strengths.

Position Analysis: Most leadership teams have gaps—either because a position is missing or because someone is in the wrong role. You can leverage our Job Benchmarking process to analyze the position and match internal and external candidates to the job. Objective data helps you avoid blind spots and make better decisions to put the right people on your team.

Strategy: Don’t build the team you need today, build the team your business needs for tomorrow. Team building and team development are not short-term projects. By the time you’ve gotten your team where they need to be, the business (or market) has shifted again. When you select MasterMinds for strategic planning solutions at any level, we incorporate your team in the process for both planning and implementation. Then everyone can see the same gaps, needs, and challenges—making your team re-build into a shared project.

Yes, it’s business, but it’s also personal.

Sometimes the needs of the business don’t line up with the strengths of a team member. To the leaders we work with, it’s not just about making the right decision, it’s also about how people are treated. We can help you navigate these tricky waters to make the right decision, the right way.

Sometimes a team member can be coached to succeed in a new role. Sometimes they can grow to meet new challenges in a current role. Sometimes the needs of the person or the business have changed so much that the fit is no longer there. You need to know which scenario you’re facing. How you handle these situations sets the tone for the culture you create, but you don’t have to do it alone. We’ll walk with you to make the right call and implement in a way that builds team trust and cohesion.