Team Development

Enact your core values for business achievement

At MasterMinds Leadership, our customized team development solutions help your senior management team discover a clear sense of team purpose, goals, and communication.

To help you achieve your organizational goals, we start by listening to your needs. Let us help you on your team's journey by selecting your most pressing issue below. 


I want to grow my team.

Learn more about how we customize our services to fit your team's exact needs and how we adapt the process as your team develops over time.

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I'm not sure I have the right team.

Our customized team development program brings focus to issues of trust, conflict resolution, and corporate culture, laying the foundation for the construction of a high-performance team.

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I want resources for my team.

Business success begins with setting goals, building a strategic plan, and putting operating systems in place for implementation.

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I want to grow my team

The most effective leaders are those who have mastered the art of leading through others.

Your senior team can be a powerful lever to extend your vision through the organization. With a strong senior team, you can create a culture of leadership that empowers the next levels of managers and supervisors to focus on the right things.

Seen through this lens, developing your senior team must become one of your highest priorities. We can help you move the needle on that strategic objective.

What do you need from your team?

Leaders we’ve worked with tell us that they need to see:
  • Lieutenants who are more aware of their own strengths and weaknesses, and able to adapt and respond appropriately.
  • Greater levels of trust and openness so the team can talk about real issues with less posturing, politics, or personal agendas.
  • Peer-to-peer accountability that keeps the CEO out of the middle as team members develop the ability to communicate with and rely on each other.
  • Ability to engage in healthy conflict—no elephants allowed to stay in the room—so the team can get past personal issues and generate the best solutions.

We come alongside you to create a stronger, healthier team culture that generates results. Our approach is proven by real world outcomes, and our client renewal rate proves that leaders are getting what they want.

How does our process help you get better results?

Our team development process is intelligently designed to combine multiple elements of adult learning and leadership psychology, creating a context for your whole team to grow and change together. Four elements power our team development program:

Science: We begin with the Science of Self™, using industry-leading tools to reveal leadership style, motivation, interpersonal skills, and business acumen. Our objective reports allow team members to hear and see their own strengths and weaknesses in a non-threatening setting.

Cadence: Executives are busy, making it difficult to schedule time for development. Our quarterly cadence of half-day team intensives fits the business calendar without falling prey to the one-and-done mentality of conferences or seminars. We stay with you to create sustained change over time.

Engagement: Most learning happens in the real world, not in a classroom. That’s why we keep your team engaged with bite-sized readings, videos, podcasts and practice-prompts throughout the quarter. Our workshops set the stage for acquiring new habits, and our engagement plan keeps your team in learning mode over the next 90 days.

Content: Great companies don’t just do things right, they do the right things. Your team needs to focus on the right things that lead to stronger performance as a team. When you work with MasterMinds, you get access to our Team Development Library, custom built by PhDs in Leadership and Organizational Psychology.

Working both sides of the equation

When you combine our team development program with Executive Coaching, you work both sides of the equation (CEO + Executive Team). Your team cannot grow beyond you, so we work with you to raise the ceiling of your own leadership capacity. The results: your whole team can perform on a higher level.

Add our team to your team

When you select MasterMinds as your leadership partners, you add the expertise of our team to yours. We work as a team every day, living out the same principles we teach in the C-suite. That’s why we’re the fastest growing and strongest leadership consultancy in DFW and why we have expanded our footprint to the East Coast. We invite you to research our team’s background to see the strength of our diversity, experience, and credentials.

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