Dr. MaryJo Burchard has been a scholar-practitioner in Organizational Leadership, working with organizations while teaching and overseeing research. Though she saw people in every industry desiring meaningful work, she noticed many settling for survival, convinced it was the best they could do.

Burchard responded by assessing and diagnosing core problems, helping leaders uncover and address real solutions. She encourages people to allow solutions in life and work to look very different from the original dream; the new can be better than the imagined.

As the VP of Strategic Leadership, Dr. Burchard is spearheading the expansion of MasterMinds Leadership into Hampton Roads, Virginia, bringing the inspiring, data-driven executive coaching, leadership training, and organizational strategic planning MasterMinds Leadership is known for to the East Coast.

Burchard holds a Ph.D. in Organizational Leadership from Regent University and a master’s degree in leadership from Fresno Pacific University.

Dr. Burchard’s promise to you: If you are looking for answers, I won’t jump to conclusions. I will listen deeply, carefully assess to identify the big issue(s) that other issues are hinged upon, and identify the most important place to start. We will find real solutions, together.