Wow, Dr. Burchard's presentation was outstanding! She really captured the essence of the challenge before our team and hit on every level. We will be able to key off of the concepts, materials and tools she provided for quite some time. MaryJo helped us move our organization forward!

Program Director,

Dr. Burchard (MaryJo) facilitated an engaging and interactive session on Self-Compassion for Leaders for the Virginia Juvenile Detention Association, a statewide networking group for administrators of Virginia’s 24 local and regional juvenile detention centers, at our June Quarterly Conference. The message was so well-received by our members regarding the way we treat and think of ourselves, our common humanity, and the importance of being mindful. MaryJo weaved stories throughout her main themes and had us engage in activities that were simple yet impactful. Given the tough work we do in addition to the daily personnel challenges of leadership, we all walked away feeling not only more buoyant but more confident that “we’re all on a journey to see the value in what we’re doing” Her statement that “planting a seed in an unfertile ground is an act of defiance” made me proud of what I do and it is an adage I will keep with me on the tough days to trust that what I’m doing matters even if it doesn’t always feel like it is making a difference. Thanks, MaryJo!

Director, Juvenile Detention Home

MaryJo is very interactive which encourages honest and open communication and feedback from participants.  She is able to create a space that allows for individuals to feel comfortable to be able to share and contribute but also take something away. Dr. Burchard has been beneficial in leading cultural changes within the department.


Deputy Director, Department of Human Services

MaryJo presented challenging and less-traditional opportunities for personal growth. Her honesty, high energy delivery and incredible depth of knowledge gave me a unique learning opportunity. MaryJo inspired, encouraged and, where necessary, challenged and coerced me to do more. She helped me to reflect on my personal leadership style and performance with a clear focus on authenticity and personal accountability. It was MaryJo who helped me to look beyond the here and now, to search for a more distant horizon, to imagine greater possibilities and begin a new quest for a better me.


IT Relationship Manager,