3 Ways to Stay Sharp and Lead Longer

The best motivation for me to stay sharp and lead longer is to surround myself with people who are always learning. Part of why this works is that continuous learning protects me from falling prey to the illusion that I’m always out in front.[spacer] Become a Learning Leader This weekend, I proudly recommended a great…
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The Power of Determination

It was cold at the final basecamp on Kilimanjaro. After four days of relentless climbing, our party was near exhaustion. The night before, a punishing blizzard struck the mountain, and only two out of fifty climbers had reached the summit that day. At 15,500 feet, we were higher than any mountain in Colorado, but we…
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How to Survive when Innovation Stops

Does leadership have an impact on how innovative people are in a company? Can people change their behavior to become more innovative or less innovative? In start-up ventures, the leader is often the innovator-in-chief. In more established companies, leaders no longer have the time to innovate their way through every problem—they depend on employees to…
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Where Can Leaders Find Passion?

Five years ago, I had a job I was extremely passionate about. I completely bought into the mission and vision of the organization. I spoke with fervor and energy to motivate people inside and outside of the organization towards achieving our vision. I was energized, and I loved every long, exhausting minute of it. And…
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Empathy for Logical Leaders

You’ve probably heard all of the hype in the last few years about emotional intelligence and how important it is for leaders to be effective. But if you are a more logical or non-emotional personality, you may be wondering if it’s possible, or even desirable, to become more emotional in your leadership. If you’re one…
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3 Ways to Measure Resilience

Resilience plays an important role in achieving success. And most of the professionals I coach believe that they are resilient (even when their assessment report says otherwise). Is everyone equally resilient? If not, then how can you tell whether an employee will demonstrate resilience that leads to consistent high performance?[spacer] “…most of the professionals I…
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