Embracing Change When It Comes at a Cost

Several years ago, I was asked to resign from a job that I loved. A short time later, a dear friend and mentor of mine encouraged me to embrace that decision as if it had been my own. At the time, his advice was a bitter pill to swallow, and it seemed almost heartless. But…
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4 Secrets to Building Good Teams

I’m a big fan of teams, not because they are perfect, but because they are often the best option for achieving results that would be impossible for individuals. I’m also a fan because teams can bring a sense of purpose or meaning to almost any task, no matter how menial or difficult. A good team…
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Recognizing Employees

If you’re thankful for your employees, let them know it. In this season of gratitude and thanksgiving, it’s time to return to one of the foundational principles of leadership and motivation – the practice of recognizing employees for all that they do in our organizations. Countless studies have shown that recognition is one of the…
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Mastering the Art of Motivation

Motivating other people is actually quite difficult. I’ve known seasoned leaders who were highly skilled in multiple areas of leadership but still struggled when it came to motivating other people, especially when those people were not like them. If you approach motivation in the wrong way, it is actually impossible. Unfortunately, a lot of management…
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Secrets of Achievement

Over the last 18 months, I have finally achieved consistency and results in working out, controlling my eating and losing weight. Here is what I have learned from my recent success and previous failures. Your own goals for achievement may be in different areas, but I think there are real insights from my experience that…
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Keys to Motivate Yourself

Sometimes we forget how important light is to our motivation. No matter how advanced we get with new technologies, we human beings remain biological creatures with natural rhythms that are connected to the cycle of the rising and setting of the sun. It is hard to stay motivated when it gets dark. That’s why we…
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