How to Start Expecting Results

Aisha got her first email address when she enrolled at a brand new university in Uganda in the fall of 2012. An outside observer could be forgiven for not expecting much from her incoming first-year class. Many came from villages that lacked electricity and running water. Over half of them had never seen a computer…
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3 Steps to Start Embracing Risk

Vincent risked everything for his son. When I first met him, he described himself as a peasant farmer, but it was obvious that he was much more than that. Most farmers in East Africa never travel more than a few miles from their homes. But Vincent picked up his whole family and moved across the…
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Why Leaders Fear Failure

Would you trust a leader who had never experienced failure? Although none of us likes to fail, mature leaders understand that failure teaches us things that are very difficult to learn any other way. A leader who has never failed does not know his or her current limits or how to lead self and others…
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Build Your Community at Work

I love a good campfire. Watching the flames dance and flicker, feeling the warmth, and smelling the aroma of wood smoke. And I love how a campfire draws people into a circle of community. As Scoutmaster for Troop 711, I get to watch older Scouts teach the younger boys how to build fires. First, they…
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Why I Coach

Do you know what it feels like to lose? Sometimes, we lose because the competition was just better. Other times we lose because we made too many mistakes and beat ourselves. I’ve experienced both as a leader, and I know the consequences of losing. These experiences of losing and winning in leadership have shaped the…
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3 Reasons Team Members Need Roles

On Teams that Execute Well, Everyone Gets What the Avengers Got In the past 18 months, I’ve been closely associated with two different groups. One of them pulled together and accomplished some good work, but the other drifted and slowly came apart. I’ve been thinking about what makes the difference between teams that execute well…
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