How to Win the Leadership Confidence Battle

Confidence is not a quality that you gain once and keep forever. If you are growing as a leader, then confidence challenges will keep coming back. There is a subtle lie that says: once you’re a leader, you are supposed to be confident all the time. People expect it on the outside, and so I…
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Making Connections that Count

By: Dr. MaryJo Burchard This week, I am having lunch with a very important friend. She has walked with me in pivotal moments, challenged my thinking, and inspired me to take healthy risks in my own development. I will invest a 3-hour commute to meet with her, and I know the meeting will be meaningful…
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Dedication or Obsession?

High-Octane Leaders, Beware [spacer]By: Dr. MaryJo Burchard [spacer]Movie icon Rocky Balboa once said, “Every champion was once a contender who refused to give up.” Have you ever watched a single-minded person move forward with such steadiness that the momentum seemed like a force of nature? Maybe you’ve been that person. If you have exceptional focus…
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Right here, right now: Mindfulness in the life of a leader

By: Dr. MaryJo Burchard In a quiet office, I nervously sat staring at a computer monitor, waiting for the notification that the conference call was ringing me into a video job interview. I was one of two finalists, and I was first up.  Due to technical difficulties on the other end, we were already 15…
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Face-off: The Truth about Authenticity

By: Dr. MaryJo Burchard Organizations claim to value authenticity, but if we don’t understand what authenticity really is, it can seem like an unrealistic expectation or the quickest way to help your naysayers shoot you where you’re most vulnerable. Yet your authenticity will determine your effectiveness as a leader – and more crucially, as a…
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3 Levels of Awareness

Recently, I was invited to address the senior leaders of the 82nd Airborne Division at Fort Bragg, NC. The 82nd is the world’s most elite light infantry unit. They jump out of airplanes behind enemy lines, and their mission is to forcibly gain entry to enemy territories to secure key targets. When you’re jumping out…
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